Postcarding for Democratic Candidates


If talking to strangers is outside your comfort zone, or you don’t have time to canvass or phone bank—or if you’re just looking for additional ways to help—writing postcards to voters is a great way to support Democratic candidates. A handwritten postcard sent to a voter can make a critical difference—they may learn about the candidate for the first time, have their interest in a candidate reinforced by the postcard, or be prompted to vote. Postcards are often kept by voters as a reminder to vote in upcoming elections. 

We provide the addresses and scripts—and, often, the postcards when candidates are printing their own—so you can join one of our postcard parties, organize your own, or write cards by yourself at home, while you ride the train, or any place you can sit down for five minutes. Postcards present a uniquely personal and tactile way to communicate with voters and have demonstrated their effectiveness in increasing turnout, especially in off-year or special elections.