Mission & Values


Our Mission

We work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to flip seats from red to blue, with an emphasis on state legislatures. We focus on tightly contested districts where our volunteers can make a real difference, prioritizing candidates who have been historically underrepresented: people of color and those who identify as LGBTQ, indigenous, living with a disability, Muslim or from another marginalized religion, and women inside and outside of these groups.

Our Values

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Red2Blue seeks social, racial, economic, disability, and environmental justice. 

  • We believe that diversity in our nation’s halls of power will lead to a more just society. 

  • We actively work to exemplify the inclusive values we champion.

High Standards and Humility

  • We take pride in our work and how we interact with voters, partners, campaigns, and one another. 

  • We acknowledge that there is always an opportunity to learn, grow, and do better. 

  • We appreciate and recognize both effort and excellence.  

Distributed Organizing

  • We are made up of committed and passionate volunteers. 

  • Engaged and hard-working members become leaders by raising a hand to take on more responsibility.

  • As much as possible, we work by consensus, and we seek feedback and input from our active members.

Being Helpful and Supportive

  • We strive to be supportive of one another.

  • We take as much labor as possible off campaign and organization staff and volunteers, to free them up for on-the-ground work. 

  • We work with intentionality toward impact.