Origin & Accomplishments


Our Origin

After the 2016 election, friends and neighbors in Brooklyn started #GetOrganizedBK. Under that umbrella, “working groups” formed to take action on progressive issues. One of those was Red2Blue, which was organized to focus volunteers in “blue” areas on flipping “red” seats. 

We are now a volunteer-led collection of over 2,000 engaged volunteers living and working in 42 states across the U.S. and Washington, DC. Our active members have a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds: small business owners, programmers, writers, editors, social workers, nurses, students, and many more. We’ve built a community that we’re proud of, and we’re continuing to grow.

Our Accomplishments


We’ve been hard at work in a number of states with special elections and have partnered with organizations in Virginia to support their candidates running in the November general election. We’ve also been expanding our partnerships with organizations that work to elevate marginalized communities and candidates.


  • We have partnered with WinVirginia, Sister District, and the Democratic Party of Virginia to offer texting to 70 state legislative candidates running to protect Democratic seats or flip Republican-held districts in the 2019 November general election.

  • We are working closely with 10 state-level campaigns, phone banking, writing postcards, helping with social media, and more.

  • We are also currently talking with more than 60 Virginia State House of Delegates and State Senate candidates to see what other campaign support we can offer them.

Special Elections

  • Red2Blue’s expert volunteers provided texting programs for 23 Democratic candidates in 8 states running for everything from U.S. Congress to Parks and Rec Board of Directors.



This was a banner year for Red2Blue. Between the November midterms and special elections, we supported 144 candidates in 18 states, and expanded our volunteer rolls to over 2,000 engaged and active members.

Our Texting Team texted 3,900,000 voters for 144 candidates and organizations in 18 states, with the following results: 

  • Four of our Congressional candidates—Elissa Slotkin, Lauren Underwood, Angie Craig, and Max Rose—won their seats and helped flip Congress.

  • Five of our candidates—Alessandra Biaggi, Robert Jackson, Monica Martinez, Jen Metzger, and Zellnor Myrie—helped the Democrats take back control of the New York State Senate. We texted 55,000 voters in Metzger’s district, of which 2,300 responded saying they would vote for Jen. She won her seat by 2,522 votes.

  • 22 of the candidates we texted for helped narrow Republican control over the Pennsylvania and Michigan state legislatures. Laurie Pohutsky was one of them. We texted 28,000 voters to help her flip a Michigan State House seat, identifying over 800 supporters who pledged to vote for her. On Election Day, she won by 221 votes.

  • Janet Cruz also flipped her Florida State Senate seat, winning by 382 votes. We texted 9,500 voters there and over 500 of them said they would vote for her.

Red2Blue volunteers also:

  • Wrote over 46,000 postcards for state legislative and congressional candidates in Pennsylvania and New York, and Florida voters in support of the ballot measure to restore voting rights to people who served their felony conviction.

  • Knocked on over 15,000 doors for state legislative candidates in Pennsylvania.

  • Made over 10,000 calls for state legislative candidates in Pennsylvania.

  • Managed the Facebook pages of four U.S. Congressional candidates.

  • Held fundraisers for 10 candidates, raising $24,000.

  • Worked with the Alabama House Democratic Caucus to recruit its largest field (74 candidates) of Democrats to run for the State House of Representatives in years, and then supported them by creating their websites and running their text campaigns.

  • And our Candidate Support Team worked for 35 candidates across the country, creating websites and videos, developing scripts for phone and text banking, designing postcard mailers, palm cards, door hangers, and other materials, and providing executive coaching, media strategies, and photography.


We hit the ground running working on state and federal special elections in the early part of the year. Later, we committed a lot of our time and energy to the November general election in Virginia.


  • We ran texting programs for 45 House of Delegate candidates and texted over 500,000 voters.

  • We created websites, ran phone banks, managed Facebook pages, held fundraisers, and canvassed for eight state House of Delegates candidates in difficult but flippable districts.

  • Democrats gained 15 seats in the state legislature, leaving them in a position to take the majority in November of 2019.


  • We helped get Doug Jones elected to the U.S. Senate. We partnered with community leaders and local representatives to text over 300,000 of their constituents, amplifying  support and voter turnout for Doug Jones in African-American communities.

Special Elections

  • Our volunteers texted, phone banked, and canvassed for special elections in State Senate races in Connecticut and Delaware, and U.S. Congressional seats in Kansas and Georgia.