Phone Banking for Democratic Candidates


Phone banking is a proven method for getting people out to vote. Most of our candidates want help with phone banking. Although the response rate for phone calls is low, calling voters can make the difference between winning and losing—especially in low-turnout state legislative races where a few hundred votes can determine the outcome. 

We coordinate with each campaign to ensure that your volunteer hours will have the greatest  impact. The first round of calls increases candidate name recognition, identifies supporters, recruits local volunteers, offers lawn signs, and persuades undecided voters. Critically, your initial calls remove bad numbers and non-supporters from the list, so that subsequent get-out-the-vote phone banks and canvassing will target only the most likely voters. Plus, the people we reach influence their family and friends.

Phone banks are held at designated times and locations, using an online virtual phone bank. All you need is a laptop or tablet and a phone. If you are an experienced phone banker, you can join us remotely. We provide the links, phone script, candidate information, and moral support. 

Whether or not you are new to phone banking, the host can help you with everything from technical issues to messaging. Phone banking also brings volunteers together as they share stories and get to know each other. And there are always snacks!