Postcard Services for Democratic Candidates


Sending personalized, hand-addressed postcards to voters to encourage them to vote for Democratic candidates has been shown to increase turnout at the polls. 

To take advantage of this popular campaign tool, Red2Blue works with candidates to tailor postcard messages to their preferred tactic: thanking first-time small donors, introducing a new candidate as a prelude to door knocking, reaching voters who are hard to canvass, providing a colorful and handy physical reminder of key election dates, or highlighting critical local issues that will help get out the vote. Postcards present a uniquely personal opportunity to communicate with voters—a hand-written note from another real voter can have an impact far greater than more traditional mailed campaign materials—and they are far more affordable! 

Our large team of postcarders can take the burden off local staff and volunteers, freeing them up for canvassing, phone banking, tabling, and other key field operations that are best done by those in-district. As of mid-2019, Red2Blue volunteers have sent 35,000 postcards to help candidates flip seats in dozens of elections, and we look forward to adding more campaigns to our list.

Interested in having our volunteers send postcards for your campaign?